"He helped me out of that hell hole called "The Foundation" and when you guys intercepted us he could've sold me out but, he didn't, he stood with me. He made a deal with you guys to keep me in a normal room not in a bloody testing lab!...the truth is I love him because he makes feel" -CI-001 about Battle Captain Recker


  CI-001 A.K.A. SCP-001 is an anamoly type SCP which has the ability to "enlightened" human beings. CI-001 is a very close friend with battle captain "Recker".  

Foundation Life & Break-OutEdit

CI-001 suffered since she was a child at the hands of the foundation's experiments,she was caught in[REDACTED],North America in an orphanage. During her time at the foundation she made friends with the following Keter class SCP: 173 (she read 173's minds and totally understood why he kills). She asked the foundation why was she being kept in here but, no answer was given. By her 20th birthday she met a D-class named "Recker" he was the only one she could talk to because of Recker being the same age as her. At one point she managed to enlightened recker to escape his imprisonment. During his Recker's breach she just sat there thinking if would live after helping him. "Guess not" she said as two MTF guards entered her contaiment to terminate her as she closed her eyes waiting for death she senses recker behind them. All in one quick motion he snatches a guards handgun kills him and the other. Recker tells her to break out with him, they both escaped the facility but not before saying goodbye to 173, when they managed to escape the facility they were ,two hours later, intercepted by the Chaos Insurgency offered a shelter against the foundation. Recker accepted on behalf of CI-001 but with the conditions of her having a bunk bed with him and right there and there CI-001 started to see up to him as her hero and started an infatuation for him. After the CI accepted they were warped out of there. 

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