Object Class: Somehwere between Vertigo and Omega

Containment: CII-000-J is to contained inside a glass beaker in Site 8's place, you know, go left, then turn right at a sign saying something that starts with a V...Vertigo? Yeah...Vertigo...anyways, the glass beaker containing CII-000-J is to be kept there...and if we have to get rid of i-I mean terminate it, sorry, we just throw it in the sink and wash it down...I don't know just get rid of the damned thing.

Description: It's...kinda a brown lump of...rock I makes people give very vague and very misleading or useless...things to say. No matter what way is always seems to have the affected people give very vague and/or useless advice. It reacts with water very know...kinda [REDACTED] and then [DATA EXPUNGED] before it blows up or something.