Object class: Xeno

Containment: CII-005 is to be kept in Base 4's Xeno Containment Wing, within 15m x 15m room, further contained in a 5ft x 5ft safe. Any testing must be approved by three level 4 personnel, and one level 5 personnel. It must be checked twice daily, for any signs of dirt or rock matter within the cell. If any of the following is found, the entire cell will be cleaned by high-powered water cannons, for a time frame of 6-8 hours.

Description: CII-005 is a large, chrome, 5m x 2m container, seemingly immune to any form of force or environmental effect. It reacts violently to rocks and dirt placed around it, causing them to become a metal-like substance, similar to metallic Helium, freezing any organic matter that comes into contact with it. It came into the possession of the Insurgency, in 1953, after reports of a "Magic urn" that would kill anyone touching it, were brought to the Insurgency out of the island of Madagascar.

Test log CII-020-1Edit

Test subject-92, a Japanese ex-animator, was instructed to use CII-005. Subject was told to place dirt around CII-005.

Test subject-92: So, I just put dirt around it?

Dr. [REDACTED]: Yepo.

Test subject-92: As long as I get my pay, sure. (Test subject-92 then proceeds to put dirt around CII-005).

Dr. [REDACTED]: It... [pause]...Is it... [pause]... Remove that dirt [pause] NOW!

Test subject-92: Ok then, (Test subject-92 removes the dirt, but begins to feel the advanced stages of hypothermia and frostbite). HELP ME DOC!

Dr. [REDACTED]: Help! Um...anyone!

  • Test ended*

Note: Both Dr. [REDACTED] and Test subject-92 were terminated.