Object Class: Vertigo 

Containment: Due to recent growth, CII-008 has been transfered to base 7, an underwater base, to be contained in a 100 m high, 500 m wide, 754 ft long sea cave, refitted to contain CII-008. If needed, it will be terminated via pressure waves within the tank, caused by bursts of sound at over 500 db, that can only be activated by level 5 command.

Description: CII-008 is a pale skinned, aquatic humanoid, possessing long arms, and a large whale-like tail in place of it's legs. It had been found to have a fair amount of intelligence, acting similar to an infant child, often using its webbed fingers to draw on the glass or its mouth to express emotions and interact with personnel (if this does occur its highly reccomended that all staff [DATA EXPUNGED] in order to avoid possible containment problems.) CII-008 tends to remain docile unless specifically provoked and also seems to be rapidly growing (at this moment in time CII-008 is 60ft in length, its arms adding another 25ft to it) CII-008 seems to enjoy the presence of Dr. Surge, and she is to be allowed to vist CII-008 for twenty four (24) hours per month, in order to calm down CII-008 and curb any potential violence on the part of CII-008.

Ningen float

CII-008 at the surface of its tank, in previous containment.

Test log CII-008-1

Dr. [REDACTED] is told to stand in front of CII-008's tank to observe its behavior for around 1-2 hours. Eventually CII-008 becomes aware of Dr. [REDACTED]'s presence and goes up to the glass. It begins tapping slowly catching the attention of the Doctor.

Dr. [REDACTED] is then told to tap back at the same pace. This causes CII-008 to mimic the doctor's taps. A seemingly large grin on its face showing some form of amusement. Suddenly, it swims away, losing interest in the "game".

Test log CII-008-2

Test subject-08394 was given scuba gear, and told to explore the tank, to find any form of collecting, or anything to suggest habits or preferred objects. During the test, lights reflected off of the scuba tank, into CII-008's eyes, scaring CII-008 and causing it to attack the test subject.

Test Subject 08394 has recovered, and is recovering.