Object Class: Xeno

Instances of CII-009 displayed on a table

Containment: CII-009 is contained in a steel safe, dimensions 20cm x 20cm x 15cm in Base ██. Access is given only with explicit permission from a Level 3 for testing purposes. No form of food is allowed within 100 meters of the containment area. Armed guards are stationed near the vault in order to keep possibly affected individuals out of the main site area.

Description: CII-009 is a set of iron utensils, all depicting human skeletons on the handle and approximately fourteen (14) cm long each. The set includes a fork, spoon, and knife, respectively classified as CII-009-1-A, CII-009-1-B, and CII-009-1-C. Anomalous properties manifest when any of the three are used by a human in an attempt to consume food. Upon this occurrence, subjects will find themselves physically unable to receive their intended source of nourishment. They are at this point classified as instances of CII-009-2.

When given normal sustenance, such as using conventional or unconventional methods, instances of CII-009 remain unable to be nourished. Ingested substances do not affect subjects' tissues and therefore do not serve a useful purpose. The only way for instances of CII-009-2 to survive is to consume human flesh (cooked meat appears to nourish subjects more). Despite not filling caloric or other necessary requirements for sustenance, CII-009-2 are able to survive solely on this source of nourishment.

Subjects react to this new diet in highly differing ways. However, despite moral/physical obstacles, most do end up attempting to eat. Instances of CII-09-2 that simply refuse to consume human flesh spontaneously disappear approximately ████ days following primary contact with CII-009-1.

Discovery: CII-009 was discovered on display in an art exhibition in Prague, put together by members of the underground art group [REDACTED]. All discovered members were terminated after being confirmed as instances of CII-009-2. The Foundation was notified after two exhibition staff members began to engage in an overt act of cannibalism during showing hours. No other pieces at the exhibit revealed any anomalous properties. It should be noted that CII-009 was the center of the showcase.

The plaque below CII-009 had the following text:

Statement: You are what you eat.
Question: What are you?