Object class: Vertigo

Containment: CII-012 is to be held and contained within Base <REDACTED> for further study and experimentation. All personnel must keep a safe distance from the specimen and don protective gear at all times.

Description: CII-012 is a creature with an animal-like structure, resembling a mutated dog of somewhat, with thick hair covering its body and flows downward. The only noticeable feature of the specimen is its piercing bright orange eyes, though only active when in a dim or darkened environment. Specimen must be held in a pitch black containment cell.

Test log CII-012 - 01Edit

The 012 Team were to bring in a cow, used as food, in order to witness and study the specimen's behavior and feeding patterns towards its prey. Nearly and hour has passed before the specimen lit-up its striking orange/red eyes and interestingly seems to have an affect upon the cow. The cow seemed to be in a trance of some sort and walked helplessly towards the specimen, when the latter pounced and began to viciously slaughter its prey, tearing limbs and organs apart in horrendous ways before finally consuming it.

Test log CII-012 - 02Edit