Object class: Vertigo

Containment: CII-020 is to be kept, for all level 1 and higher personnel to use in Base 4's recreational lounge. When not in use, it is to be placed in the forth cupboard, right beside the tea kettle.
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Description: CII-020 is a copper tea pot, seemingly immune to all forms of force. The anomalous proprerties become apparent when the object is used to create tea. When poured, regardless of what substance was used, the liquid will convert into the subjects favorite tea.

Test log CII-020-1Edit

Test: Test subject-92 was instructed to use CII-020, using distilled water and a bag of black tea.

Result: After sampling, the liquid was said to taste like Earl Grey tea

Test log CII-020-2Edit

Test: Test Subject-93024 was instructed to use CII-020, using salt water and juniper berries.

Result: The test subject, after sampling, claimed to have tasted herbal tea, with a slight hint of salt.

Note from Doctor Surge- We know the damned thing is safe, no need for tests, all personal can use it safely.