Item #: CII-022

Item Class: Vertigo
CII Child's Bed

Image of CII-022-03 before infection.

Containment: All instances of CII-022 are to be contained in a 5x5x5 m room together. All testing must be authorised by at least two (2) Level 3 researchers. In the event of a containment breach, or infection of other beds, excess instances of CII-022 are to be incinerated.

Description: CII-022 is the collective term for five (5) beds, designed for small children, hereafter known as CII-022-01 through CII-022-05. They do not vary in design, however they are all coloured differently. They all appear to be standard beds, however they are immune to all forms of force, as well as fire.

CII-022 exhibits anomolous properties when two or more people sleep on a bed each. They each sleep for exactly eight (8) hours. During this sleep, they randomly swap places. High speed camera has shown that they are phasing in and out of existence, appearing on other beds. Memories of which bed has been slept on will not be altered, and test subjects exhibit surprise when they wake up on another bed.

If only one (1) bed is slept on, they will dissappear entirely, leaving nothing behind. It is believed that they are taken to another dimension, where [DATA EXPUNGED] until they reappear several days later on the bed that they slept on, with several lacerations, cuts and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test Logs: Three (3) Test Subjects are told to sleep on the beds. Test Subject-112 was on CII-022-01, Test Subject-145 was on CII-022-03, and Test Subject-342 was on CII-022-04.

Subject-112 woke up on CII-022-02, Subject-145 on CII-022-4, and Subject 342 on CII-022-05. A note was found on CII-022-4, which said [DATA EXPUNGED] along with a request for more humans.