Object class: Vertigo

Containment: CII-037 is to be contained in a 3 x 3 m safe, in Base 6's Vertigo wing.  If needed, it is to be destroyed via incinerators located in the safe.

Description: CII-037 is a set of  fifteen (15)  six (6) 75 milliliter vials of an unknown, thick, clear substance. The contents are currently under study, in hopes to reproduce the liquid. The only known substance within the liquid is DNA from Homo Sapiens. When injected into an animal, it will slowly, and seemingly painfully, transform into a human,the resultant human shares some characteristics with the animal it was derived from. 

Test log CII-037-1Edit

Test subject: A female fieldmouse 

Amount of CII-037: 15 ml

Result: A woman, with larger ears than average. She was often seen sneaking around Base 6, until terminated by a guard.

Test log CII-037-2Edit

Test subject: A male Hippopotamus

Amount of CII-037: 150 ml

Result: A obese male, weighing in 562.7 lbs, with abnormally large teeth, it refused to comsume meat, and was agressive if suprised or angred. Terminated by guard, after wandering into the restricted area, and ruining testing upon CII-████, resulting in █ fatalities.

Test log CII-037Edit

Test subject: Test Subject 834, an African male

Amount of CII-037: 25 ml


Note from Dr. [REDACTED]: Holy...shit...