So I don't know if it's the offical CI song but i'll tell you this... It's the only one.

Capturing CIIs by: D-7650Edit

You're bloody welcome! 

Based off making christmas

Capturing CIIsEdit

Capturing CIIs! Capturing CIIs! It's so fine!

We're in the facility searching for SCPs

To turn it in to Dr.Creed!

We're in the facility!

Capturing CIIs! Capturing CIIs! CAPTURING CIIs!

I'll make a chamber with a cam!

We'll study and raid that foundation!

Oh my god were is that Task Force!?

It's time for testing!

Capturing CIIs! Capturing CIIs!

Testing subjects forced in the chamber ready for anything!

Capturing CIIs!

Safe Mode off, here we go!

With all our test we're... Capturing CIIs now!

I can't belive whats happening to me.. I'm level 3 securityyy heh heh oh thats awesome!

Won't they be impressed I'm not a Level 1 see how I change this normal D-Class into something that'll kill those MTF!

Hmm my compliments from me too you, I can't believe you actully made it through now would you just stand still please?

I'd like to introduce you too, Huh? Heh heh doors locked now

Here's Mr.Bang, the Shotgun, he'd like...stop your pluse! Heh heh oh your dead!

Safe mode off! Now here we go with all our P90s we're capturing CII's now!

Capturing CIIs! Capturing CIIs! La la la! New shipment here!

And we can't wait! So open the door!

And lure it in!

'cause when the subjects start to die!

We'll all sing out!

It's Chaos!