Doctor Adam Creed is the current Level Five officer of Base Four of the Chaos Insurgency. Despite his young age he has shown a lot of skill when it comes to combat and research, however, his leadership skills are less-then-great.

In early 2000, he joined the SCP Foundation in an attempt to use his knowledge for the greater good of the earth, by containing SCPs and researching the abilities and powers of some of the less dangerous ones. He tended to stay away from Euclid and Keter level SCPs, in fear of being killed.

At an unknown point, he found a Class-D, D-9324, who later became Doctor Surge of the Chaos Insurgency. He, despite the obvious mental instability of this 9324, he ordered guards to let her live, and oversaw each test she went under, save the one concerning SCP-682. He had, a few weeks prior, found out some details about Procedure 1-10 Montauk, which disgusted him to the point of wishing to leave the Foundation, which he did.

As Insurgency agents flooded the Site, he opened the doors to SCP-682's containment cell, allowing both 9324 and 682 to escape. They then escaped to the Chaos Insurgency and Creed quickly rose in the ranks before the previous Level Five disappeared. Creed, then a Level Four, was chosen to take his place.

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