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Mercenaries is an organisation controlled by a currently unknown leader, they are enemies to all opposing factions (SCP foundation, The Chaos Insurgency ect.) They have no mercy or remorse, and are a very dangerous threat.



The simple recruit mercenary.


Recruits are the first, and lowest rank of the mercenaries, and have no special skills or training, their main weapon is a simple handgun.

If they are royal to their factions, they may acquire a more highly powered pistol.

200px-SHOC Dutyer

The stronger, soldier rank mercenary.


A soldier is the second rank in the Mercenaries faction. They can carry and use weapons such as hunting rifles, pistols and can rarely carry SMGs. They wear personal body armour, which protects them from projectiles.

Cop pers neutral

The soldier mercenary variant, equipped with a gas mask and an anomaly detector.


Elites is the third and the most loyal members of the faction, they can get weapons such as Assault rifles, shotguns, and grenades.


These are the rarest and strongest ranks of the faction, they can aquire and use all available weapons. Their armor is also quite strong, and can absorb a large amount of damage, thought their specialised headgear doesn't provide much protection against attacks.


G03LM-CK-01 Ranked Mercenary.