Hello, I am JaredJFleming , the founder of this is wiki. This page is the Terms of Service article, or ToS article. You are to follow these rules with NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to comply will result in either a one day ban, being banned from chat, or a permanent ban . If you think this to harsh, I will not stop you from leaving.

Admins and who to contactEdit

Cursor-the-selfish (bureaucrat) 

JaredJFleming (founder)

Basic rulesEdit

Excessive SwearingEdit

In chat, messages, or blogs, you are not permitted to swear excessively, for any reason what so ever. This will not be tolerated. The first offence will be an Hour Ban. Second offence will result in a One Day Ban. Third offence you will recieve a Week Long Ban, and the fourth time will be Permanent Ban. Yes, you CAN swear on chat if you are acting in a role-play, if appropriate, and as long as it is not excessive. 

Claiming you have seen any SCPs, or CIIsEdit

They are not real! They may be based on real beings or events, but they are all fictional objects. Doing this is not going to get you banned, but it WILL get you kicked. But during a Role-play situation, this is entirely acceptable. 

Trolling Edit

Trolling will not be tolerated, anyone who trolls via editing, chat, messages or blogs, will be banned. 


Flaming will be met with a ban, starting with one month, and upon the second offence, a permanent ban. 


On the first offence, you will be kicked. On the second offence you will be banned for a day, the third offence for a month, and the fourth, a permanent ban.

Non-bannable offenses Edit

Insults Edit

Unless this becomes a huge problem, you will not be IP banned, though you will be banned from chat. If the problem becomes larger, and goes beyond chat, you will be banned, but you will only recieve a temporary banning.

Automatic bansEdit

Arguing over religion Edit

Any one claiming that their religion is "better", or the only way to live, or anyone else who does not follow your beliefs is damned, you will be banned, even if it is on an RP.