The History of The Chaos InsurgencyEdit

The Chaos Insurgency formed as a single Cell, known as Base Of Operations Number One, or base one. This happened after a falling out with the SCP Foundation and 56 members, after the O5s refused to approve any of their tests, all of which were outlandish and cruel, but "In the name of Science and Human Progress". These included cross testing with Keter-level SCPs and other such tests. This occurred 1924, and several SCPs were taken to form the Chaos Insurgency.

In 1934, The SCP Foundation launched a massive attack on the Chaos Insurgency's Base Of Operations Number One. This killed 63 members, and they lost all known CIIs. However, there was a second base, known as Base Two. This housed the most dangerous CIIs. After the deaths at Base One, the new Level Five made sure each base would have a failsafe to make sure that the SCP foundation could be stopped at any base, be it gas, thermonuclear devices or other means.